What is a student rep?

Student reps are students who are appointed on each course to represent the interests of fellow students. If a student has an academic issue about their course, it can be resolved by speaking with a student rep, who then passes the problem to the appropriate people or raises it within the college structures.

Be prepared to represent the views of all students, even if you don’t agree with their viewpoint.

You will sit on meetings during the year so there are opportunities to bring issues and also positive feedback forward.

Some of the responsibilities of Student Reps include:

  • Working with staff and students
  • Effective representation of student issues at course level
  • Making Gower College Swansea a better place to learn by representing your class
  • Raising questions and concerns
  • Campaigns for change

Job Description

  • Attend meetings with College Staff
  • Listen to your class about their concerns
  • Promote yourself (see later)
  • Liaise and communicate with others
  • Attend training/seek support
  • Report back to your class about meetings and the responses to their requests