Bidding for the Curriculum Fund

The Curriculum Fund is a pot of money that Student Representatives can bid for.

You can bid for anything that you think will improve the college or course experience for your class or the College as a whole. 

Talk to your class and ask them if there is anything they would like to bid for.

How much funding is available?

You can bid for up to £200 at each Student Council Meeting.    The total pot of money available at a student council meeting is £1,000 so think carefully about what you would like to bid for.

You can also bid for up to £1,000 at the Annual Student Conference in February. The total pot of money available at the Annual Student Conference for all College projects is £6,000.

What do you need to do?

Bid Proposal
You need to write a bid proposal.  The proposal should be no longer than two sides of A4 and should cover the elements outlined in The Bid Scoring Sheet.

When you put in any bid for funds at a Student Council Meeting or the Annual Student Conference you will be scored by a number of criteria on the Bid Scoring Sheet above.
The more points you achieve the more likely you are to have your bid accepted.

At the meeting
You will make a timed 3 minute presentation to the representatives of the Student Council and Senior Managers at the Student Council Meeting.

When will the decision be made?
A decision will be made at the Student Council meeting on whether your bid has been approved.

Deadlines for Bids
The deadline dates for bids are in the dates for the student council meetings.
All bids must be sent to: