Electronic Individual Learning Plan (e-ILP)

Every student has a record of the academic progress that they can access on a daily basis – this is called  the e-ILP.

When you are in college:  Log on and click on the internet browser one of the options is e-ILP.  Choose this option.

When you are at home:  Go to www.gowercollegeswansea.ac.uk, click on Staff/Student portal. Log In, then Moodle/Xpoint then e-ILP. You will need your college username and password to access your record.

When you are in the e-ILP there are a number of tabs at the top of the page. They are:

Personal This page has all your contact details and your parent/guardians details.  Notice the red Notify us of Changes text at the bottom.It is essential you keep this information up to date as we use this to communicate with you by email and text message.
Courses This page includes a list your courses, your timetable and your registers.If you are receiving EMA funding this is an important page as the funding team check this detail on a fortnightly basis to confirm if you can have the funding.  Your registers, therefore, must be accurate and up to date.

Please ensure that your lecturer knows you are in class and has marked your register.

This page also includes your initial assessment results and any literacy or numeracy support provided while at college.

Exams This page outlines your qualifications from school e.g. your GCSE results before enrolling at college.It also includes any qualifications passed after enrolling at College.
Funding This page states whether you have Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) or Financial Contingency Fund (FCF) support.
Performance This page provides information on your academic progress and behaviour.Your target grades, generated from your GCSE results, are recorded here. You can discuss these at your one to one with your tutor.

This page also outlines if you are at a particular stage in the disciplinary process – Stage 1 or 2.

This page also enables your tutor or lecturer to record any cause for concern they have about your attendance or behaviour and records any compliments about you. You can respond to these.

Reports This page shows your academics reports.
Future This page focuses on your progression within or out of college.If you are on a Level 1 or evel 2 course you can apply to progress on to the next level of your course or into work based learning on this page. The deadline for progression applications is usually at the end of February.

If you are on a Level 3 course you can use this page to develop your personal statement for your UCAS application.