Your Student ID Card

After you enrol as a full or part time student at Gower College Swansea you will need a student ID Card.

Your ID Card:

  • Needs to be with you at all times whilst you are at college 
  • Allows you to borrow items from any college library
  • Entitles you to log on to a PC at college.
  • Enables you to print/photocopy from the college’s printers

Getting an ID Card

As a full time student you should get your Student ID Card at enrolment.  

As a part time learner you can get your Student ID Card from a library at the main campus sites.  You will need proof of your enrolment.

Replacement ID Cards

If you lose your ID Card, you will need to get a replacement.  Items can only be borrowed with a card.  If you are at college without your Student ID Card you may be asked to leave.

Library staff will be happy to supply you with a replacement card – the cost is £3.00

Student Absence Recording

If you are unable to attend College the following procedure must be adhered to. The College must be notified before 10 am on every day of absence. There are a number of ways you can do this.

Through our mobile site

You can download on your phone and add it to your your Home Screen.  You can report your absence, access news about the college and information about opening times and contact details.

Click on the absence symbol and enter the information requested on the electronic form.


  1. Enter into your web browser
  2. Click on the Staff/Student Tab
  3. Click on the Report Student Absence Tab and enter the information requested on the template:
Your Full Name

Your Date of Birth


Attendance (FT/PT)

Security Check

Your student ID number

Reason for Absence


Select full-time or part-time option

Requesting your A (Absence) to be changed to an E (Explained) Absence

If you want the register to be marked as an E (Explained) you will need to provide proof that you were involved in an activity that can be marked as Explained (See Student Attendance Procedure).

If you receive EMA funding you must present this proof to the Student Funding Team based in Student Services.  You must do this within two weeks of the absence to ensure that you continue to receive the funding. If proof is not presented to the Student Funding Team your absence cannot be marked on the Register as E (Explained).

If you are not in receipt of funding you should provide the evidence to your Faculty Office who should file it in your Personal Record file.

Your Faculty monitors student absences and decide on the appropriate action to be taken in line with the Student Disciplinary Procedure. This may result in you being asked to leave college on the basis of poor absence.

IT Code of Conduct

You can use the college’s computing facilities to support your course through research and learning. On enrolment you will be issued with an ID number. This will allow you access to the college’s computing facilities, including email and internet.

You must follow the IT Code of Conduct outlined below. It is there to protect you.


  •  Log off the computer once you have finished or are leaving the computer unattended.
  • Keep your password confidential at all times.
  • You must not attempt to disable or change the network in any way or attempt to bypass or tamper with any security measures.
  • You must not attempt to gain access to any system, service or account to which you have not been granted authorised access.
  • We routinely monitor activity. If you use the computer in an unacceptable way we can trace the user via your username.

Email Use

As a student you will be given an email address. When using this you must:

  • tell a member of staff if you suspect a virus has been introduced to your email account;
  • not store any unsuitable or unnecessary materials within your email account;
  • not use abusive or objectionable language in any email.

Internet Use

The internet is there to help you with your course. Please use it to its full potential, but note the following:

  • the internet should only be used in connection with your college courses;
  • avoid images or text likely to be considered as obscene or indecent, or that are likely to cause embarrassment, anxiety or annoyance;
  • do not use chat lines and games unless it contributes to your course;
  • avoid areas with potentially illegal information;
  • do not send unwanted materials to others, e.g. rude, offensive or any other materials likely to cause distress;
  • accessing inappropriate websites, gambling or other activities of disrepute is not allowed;
  • do not illegally copy materials protected under copyright law;
  • do not agree to a licence or download for which a licence fee is payable;
  • you must not attempt to disable or change the network in any way or attempt to bypass or tamper with any security measures; and
  • you must not attempt to gain access to any system, service or account to which you have not been granted authorised access.

Breaches of this code could result in you being locked out of the computer system temporarily or permanently or you could be subject to the college’s Student Disciplinary Procedures.

Health and Safety

  • We recommend that you spend no more than one hour at a computer without a break.